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Flags and National Anthems

This page contains a complete list of Flags and National Anthems from around the world. The page contains National Anthems in Midi and Mp3 format. If you played any Mp3 and you want to proceed to another one please stop the first one. Let us know if you have any additional questions.

Note :
Below are National Anthems and Flags ranging from A to Z, and this will help you to find countires national anthems and flags you want easily and quickly, for example if you are looking for a country starting with H just click on H alphabet and you will find the right country you are looking for.


Mp3 Format

Mp3 FormatAlbania

Mp3 FormatAlgeria

Mp3 FormatAmerican Samoa

Mp3 FormatAndorra

Mp3 FormatAngola

Mp3 FormatAnguilla

Mp3 FormatArgentina

Mp3 FormatArmenia

Mp3 FormatAruba

Mp3 FormatAssyria

Mp3 FormatAustralia

Mp3 FormatAustria

Mp3 FormatAzerbaijan

Mp3 FormatAzores